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Massage Services

Therapeutic Massage
Massage that includes a range of deep tissue, trigger point, and stretching techniques to fit the needs of the client. 

Trigger Point Massage
Trigger point massage uses a variety of strokes but deeper, more focused pressure is applied on trigger points ("knots") that can form in the muscles. Pressure can last for 10-12 seconds, depending on the tightness in the muscles.

Sports Massage
Sports Massage includes pre-event, post-event and maintenance massage. It promotes greater athletic endurance and performance and can lessen chances of injury and reduce recovery time.

Light Pressure & Stretching
People who cannot handle deep tissue or trigger point massages can benefit from the light pressure massage. Stretching techniques can help reduce tension without using the deeper pressure. 


Pricing on all Massage Services:

30 minutes - $40.00
45 minutes - $55.00
60 minutes - $75.00
90 minutes - $100.00

Massage Package Deals
Buy 4 and get the 5th FREE

30 minutes - $160.00
45 minutes - $220.00
60 minutes - $300.00

90 minutes - $400.00 

Kinesio Taping Rates

Time: 15 minutes
1 area: $15.00
2 areas: $20.00
3 areas: $25.00

Gift Certificates are available upon request! 


As a professional in the field of massage therapy and bodyworks I will conduct business in a professional, confidential and ethical manner at all times. I will also abide by the code of ethics and standards of practice for massage therapy.

All NEW clients must fill out an intake form before therapy begins so please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment.

I prefer to NOT accept monetary tips, I would like to treat this as a THERAPY that you need. I would like you to come back and see me when it is needed, and not feel the need to tip each time. Also, referrals to family and friends is greatly appreciated!


Insurance Billing

Some insurance companies cover massage therapy. I do not bill insurance, but I can provide you with the receipt to send to insurance companies. I DO accept "flexspend cards".
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